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Hello, and welcome to Q School.

The “StabileFlex Transtibial Socket" course contains a brief history of prosthetic suspension systems and prosthetic socket designs. The StabileFlex Socket design is an evolution of Coyote Designs original RCR Socket. The original design was based on our airtight pin suspension system that has been modified from the original version for use with our pin lock, suction, or vacuum suspension systems. We will cover our fiberglass pressurized casting system, measurement technique, plaster modification, test socket and definitive socket fabrication.

The "AFO Casting and Fabrication Methods" course was developed and refined from the years of experience Dale Perkins, CPO has had from his two patient care facilities. Dale was born with Fibular Hemimelia and designed and built his own AFOs while experimenting on himself before he had his Symes amputation in 1992.

Our "Alternatives to Carbon Fiber" course is no charge at this time. Coyote Design originally sought more flexible and tougher laminations. In the process discovered a material that has less skin irritation and fewer health risks than carbon fiber.

Our courses are approved for continuing education credits from the American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics & Pedorthics, Inc. (ABC) the Orthotics Prosthetics Canada (OPC), and (BOC) Board of Certification/Accreditation. You must be certified by ABC or OPC, get an 80% or better on the test questions and you will receive Category I credits, how much depends on the course you take. 

This online education system was developed by Quentin Dale Perkins, CPO. Quentin, or Dale as he is more commonly called, has been in orthotics and prosthetics for more than 40 years, first in patient care with his company Rehab Systems in Idaho, and then with Coyote Design. Over the years he has developed a number of methods and products designed to improve the fit and function and process of orthotics and prosthetics.

For years Coyote Design has taught many of these courses through out the United States and in many other countries around the world. We are now making them available online so more people have the opportunity to learn from them. If you are an American Board Certified Individual you can take these courses for continuing education credits. 

This program is broken up into a number of courses and can be done at your own pace by starting and stopping as you need to without losing your place. We hope you will find the information useful to you and your practice and patients.

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