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Technician / O&P Assistant Program: Basics - Copper Rivets and Replacing Velcro Straps

Technician / O&P Assistant Program: Basics - Copper Rivets and Replacing Velcro Straps


Technician / O&P Assistant Program: Basics - Copper Rivet and Replacing Velcro Straps Course covers:
Removing old strap and rivet, recreate the old strap, attaching a strap, cutting the strap to length, choosing a rivet, preparing the rivet, with or without a burr, hammering techniques.

We designed the Basics Program to give anyone a starting point on the basic skills needed to do their job. Ideally, the courses are for the new Technician or New O&P Assistant but could be used by other individuals looking to refresh, broaden skills or train employees.

After taking this course the learner will have a good understanding of the knowledge and skills needed to replace Velcro straps and how to size and use rivets.
If the learner has questions about what they are doing they will have a place to refer back to for basic knowledge.

Russ Bartlett Jr., CPOA / Central Fabrication Lab Manager
Russ created this basics program to teach skills to his new technicians and lab assistants. Russ manages our Central Fabrication and fabricates many of our prosthetics and orthotics. Russ started working for Coyote Designs sister company Rehab Systems in 1998 as a technician and assisted Coyote Design in product development. Russ became a fulltime Coyote Design employee in 2014 setting up our central fabrication.

The program includes 2 instructional videos varying in length, an outline of the instructions in each video along with a series of pictures and explanations reiterating the process.
The program contains 2 courses instructing each step of the process in recreating and replacing a strap on an AFO and the basics on how to size and use copper rivets.
The program is followed by 10 test questions and a course survey. The program is estimated to take approximately 1 hour and can be started, stopped and restarted at any time at the point the learner left off.

We are offering our "Technician / O&P Assistant Course: Basics - Copper Rivets and Replacing Velcro Straps" course for $7.50. This course is worth .75(S) Continuing Education credits from the American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics & Pedorthics Inc(ABC). You must be certified by ABC, get an 80% or better on the test questions and you will receive science Category 1 credits. (This course is for certified; Orthotists, Orthotic Assistants, Orthotic Technicians).